Awards 2006

Congratulations to our 2006 Awardees!

1st Place: Braulio Salas
2nd Place: Enid Aracena
3rd Place: Elizabeth Arias
4th Place: Darwin Paredes


2006 Awardees: Elizabeth Aracena, Darwin Paredes, Elizabeth Arias, Braulio Salas

The 2006 Susana de Moya Scholarship Award Winners shared these thoughts on the award and what it has meant to them:

Braulio Salas – writes “It was the first scholarship I had ever won and since then I have been on a steep up hill rise. The ideals tht Susana de Moya instilled in the community live today. These ideals push me to become a leader in my own community.”

Enid Aracena – tells us that “This award has meant a lot to me. It shows me that all my hard work has been worth it and it encourages me to keep trying harder and harder.”

Elizabeth Arias – comments that the award offered many benefits, not only the computer but a mentor who “was always looking out for my best interest. !Gracias por todo!”

Darwin Paredes – concludes that “The Susana de Moya Foundation scholarship means that I can excel in the future because the people of the foundation push me to want to do better for me and for others and to make the path for my future as clear as possible.”

The 2006 Awards Ceremony Luncheon was held at the Sheraton Columbia Hotel, Columbia, Maryland.

Susana de Moya Foundation Awardees 2006

Susana de Moya Foundation Awardees 2006

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